Introduction :: Getting Up & Running

Hello and welcome to my tech blog. This has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but time has never really been on my side for it. I guess I can start with an introduction. My name is Jason and I’ve been working in the IT Support field for a dozen years or more at this point. Allot of that time has been working with cPanel hosting servers. I’ve had my share of rag tag situations when things got hairy and I was able to persevere. This experience has been quite valuable in my current support roles. I’ve decided to switch my focus from hands on support to technical writing as I believe I have allot to share. I know, I will need to get this grammar thing under control and learn how to introduce more brevity into my rants. I would love to do this full time but for now, It is merely a side project, so content maybe short coming for a while.

I have a programmers mind and I am a avid shell scripting fan using Bash and Gawk to their fullest potentials. I will be including publication of the software scripts that I’ve put together over the years as time permits. I had my taste at this technical writing thing a few weeks ago when the company I am employed with offered me a writing assignment. I really enjoyed cutting my teeth on that topic. What is a LAMP Stack? I learned a lot just from that one article and I am hungry about creating more. I will be referencing my publications on other platforms as referral links so you can see them in their glory. So far as of this post, it’s only a single publication. However, with some grit and time I expect that number to rise.

Thanks for taking the time to read my little introduction here. It’s not all that professional, but I hope to change that as time goes on.