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This page has been earmarked as the table of contents for all my custom scripts & tools. These will range from simple cron job solutions to robust shell scripts and even some cPanel/WHM plugins when time permits.

These items are all public domain solutions. I am a believer in open source development. If you find any bugs and would like to submit them, each tool will be linked to my The cPanel Guy GitHub.

Right now, I’m just getting the  site caught up to some of the historical solutions I’ve put together. So we’re a little on the low side so far and some are not ready for publication yet. Keep checking back!

  • cPanel Mass Password Changer
    • A simple bash/gawk script that can change multiple cPanel account passwords using a CSV file. 
  • Image Checker
    • A tool that can accept a URL which it will then go through and validate all images are able to be loaded.

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